I wish Jesus didn’t say that Series


Foundation of the lordship of Jesus Christ

Math 5:43-48

The lordship of Jesus speaks of how we relate with other people.

As humans: we love & hate; & we love hate

How does Jesus want us to love our enemies?

1. Pray for your enemies (v44)
2. Bless your enemies (rom12:14)
3. Do good to your enemies (rom 12:18-21)

Why does Jesus want us to love our enemies? Math 5:43-48

Understanding & experiencing Jesus’ love for us makes us love our enemies.

Love your enemies

Loving your enemies reflects:
1. Your spiritual relationship – as a child of God (john 13:35)
2. Your spiritual distinction – when you learn to love those who do not love you (1 Peter 2:9)
3. Your spiritual maturity – when you love your enemy, that means you are growing in the Lord (sanctification) (math 5:48)

Sell everything you have

Luke 18:18-27

Why did the rich man became sad:
1. He was talking to the real Jesus
2. He thought that eternal life can be achieved by what he can do
3. His possessions controlled him
4. He thought Jesus was only trying to take away something from him

Jesus takes away so He can give something better for us. He can’t give it to us unless we let of that thing in our hand

When we give that up, we still have Jesus & realize He is all we need

We can give up anything for God when we realize He is our everything

Hate your family

Luke 14:25-27

Jesus’ statement confronted/affected:
1. Their center
We are not called to be family-centered but Christ-centered who has the last say in everything
What is your life centered on?

2. Their loyalty

Our loyalty should be in God. Salvation is for everyone but discipleship is for those who truly are loyal to God

Where does your loyalty lie?

3. Their love

Hate = prefer above

Jesus is asking us to love Him so greatly and passionately, that in comparison, it would seem that we hate everyone else we love.

Who do you love most?

Eph 3:18-19

We can love supremely when we understand how God loves us fully

Just because the Bible records it doesn’t mean it recommends it

You will be persecuted

John 15:18-21

Why do we face persecution?
1. We were chosen
2. We are identified with Christ
3. People do not know God.

Math 5:10-11

We can face persecution when we know the eternal award and incomparable joy awaiting us.


What are your thoughts?

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