Sunday’s Dress


I remember as a kid, my mom would always dress me and my siblings up during Sundays going to church. We’d call it our Sunday’s Best (since other days we’d be in our school uniforms or pambahays). Haha! It’s not a requirement of our church. She just really liked dressing us up. Imagine me as a kid wearing frills and poofs and big skirts with my hair in a braid with ribbons. The works! Kinda bummed though that kids these days seem to be wearing their ‘stay at home’ clothes even when they’re out and about. Not judging though but I’d love to see little girls wearing pretty little dresses and little boys in polo shirts.

Anyway, I think I mentioned before that most days, I try to dress as if “I’m meeting the love of my life” since I have tons of clothes and it would be such a shame and waste not to wear all of them, right? So one Sunday, I really liked my outfit because it made me feel and look so grown up! And why wouldn’t I be when I’m already old. Haha!



What are your thoughts?

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