UPLB and Alibata


Toffee, my dog, and I walk around campus when we can. One early morning, we decided to check out the Japanese tower that was erected a few years back as a symbol of UP and Japan’s continued collaboration in the academe. When we got to the top, snapped a photo and later realized it did not look like as if I was in UPLB. Haha!


Took another shot of Toffee overlooking her “peeing-kingdom.” Haha!


Further along, I looked up at one of the street signs and noticed something different. You see it? The street names actually have an alibata translation. It was both awesome and sad. Awesome that UP would still integrate our forefathers’ ancient alphabet but sad since it is almost, if not completely, lost in our culture. I remember in high school we’d study this and I fairly enjoyed writing words in alibata. Yet it was forgotten completely and in its place, our country is a country of good ‘English speakers.’ It’s just devastating that we weren’t able to preserve it unlike other cultures and their own scripts. I’m not even sure if this is being taught in most schools today. Hopefully, UP would still be able to integrate it in its own, just as I have with my tat.



What are your thoughts?

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