Blessed: He will do it for me


Bible verse: Romans 4:14-17

This has to be one of my most favorite messages in VCF. The pastor made three simple points:

1. God can.
2. God will.
3. God will do it for me.

The first and second point are usually heard, believed and claimed by most Christians. We always say that yes, He has the power to do it and yes, He will do it by faith and by His will. But the third point is my favorite because oftentimes, I forget about it – that He will do the miracle for me! Or He will answer my prayer for me. Sometimes I think, sure, God can and God will but only for the pastors or the missionaries or for Moses and Abraham or the person more righteous than me. I forget that He will also do it for me – simple, regular, old me – in His perfect time according to His perfect will.

This is a good reminder for me and one of my favorite messages thus far that because God can and God will, He also will do it for me.


What are your thoughts?

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