Foodie Review: Sunny Select and Good Food Instant Oatmeal


Foodie alert!

I’ve been trying to really eat healthy recently and I’m glad to say that most of the time, I am able to do so. Not to deny that I’ve had my share of fast food or cup of white rice though. But I learned that after I work-out, I do end up hungry but not so much that I would want to eat the viand and rice combination. Besides, I usually get home late from the gym so I try to avoid eating rice. So I had to look for an alternative and one of those was instant oatmeal. Again, I know the instant ones are not as good as the regular ones but I have to be realistic and admit to myself that I do not have the resources to actually cook. Anyway, I found two new instant oatmeals that are super awesome!

All Good Instant Oatmeal, P14 each, 110-120 calories


I got curious with this one because it had different flavors compared to our usual Quaker oats. It had the Arrozcaldo flavor and the Ginataang Mais flavor. Plus points that they’re very Pinoy! I first tried the arrozcaldo one and it was really good. Flavor is rich but not too salty. It’s perfect as a comfort food for those cold nights at home (or when you have your heart broken.. chos!). My tip would be to add some boiled egg or chicken for a more homey and authentic taste. Ginataang mais ain’t bad too. Perfect easy comfort food!

Sunny Select Instant Oatmeal, P148 per box, approx. P15 each, 130 calrories


Now this, this is the brand I absolutely love! So much so that the very next day after I tried one packet, I went back to Rustans grocery and bought the other last box! I seriously hope they restock but as per writing, Rustans hasn’t restocked or *gasps* won’t carry the product anymore. First of all, I love the packaging. The box contains 10 individual packets in paper. Kudos to super cute labels too. It gets better as the oats are actually big and not shredded! Unlike in most of our local oatmeal that are so tiny they end up being mush and more liquid than anything else, this one actually makes you chew your oatmeal! I for one really like that. It still gets better as the flavors are super special – blueberries, peach, banana and strawberries, all with cream – wherein the fruits included are real, actual fruits! As compared to our local Quaker Oats, aside from being a little bit more pricey at P16 and having more calories at around 150, the Quaker oats’ fruits are just not at par with the Sunny Select ones. Not to mention, one cup of Sunny Select keeps me full after my workout (at least until I fall asleep. Haha!). I definitely recommend this for those looking for a quick meal. I really hope they have more of these in Rustan’s *rushes to Rustan’s.*


What are your thoughts?

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