Blessed: Authentic series


Romans 1-11: informational, provision, what christ has done
Romans 12-16: motivational, practical/instruction/ application, how do we respond (our mission)

Submit to the governing authorities
Romans 13:1-7

God is sovereign
God is doing more than you know
We should resist the immorality but should respect authority

Love your neighbor
Romans 13:8-14

Sample: story of the good samaritan
Your neighbor is anyone who is in need
We as Christians owe our neighbors love. God has given us compassion.

Help the weak in faith
Rom 14:1-6

How are we to live together in spite of our differences?

1. Am I doing this to honor God? (Rom 14:7-9) Question of motivation; for our love to God
2. Will this cause other people to stumble? (Rom 14:13-15) For our love for others
3. Will this build others up? (Rom 15:1-2)

Eph 4:1-3; rom 15:5

Authentic Christianity results to living together in love and unity for God’s glory.

John 6:35

Responsibility to the lost
Romans 15: 14-21

Preach the gospel
Gospel – important, relevant, good news

Rom 6:23

Information is useless unless we respond in appropriate action.

Preach the gospel to the lost, by word and by deed, by the power of the Spirit of God


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