Blessed: Cross training series


A healthy disciple has healthy disciplines.

Cross training series: prayer
Looking at the life of David, 1 tim 4:7-8; Psalm 116:2

psalm 18:1-6 – love=racham=intimate love (v1)
David’s prayer was drawn from His personal relationship with God

Called God by different names (v2)

Prayer necessitates knowing who you are talking to

When you pray, 100% of the time, He hears us
Cross training series: The Word

Read His Word! It’s as simple as that. His word is our source of His nourishment.

Cross training series: Giving
Psalm 37:21-26

We can give because God:

1. Provides – God is the source (v22)
Why aren’t we generous? Fear of lack & lack of faith

God is not a pond that runs dry; He is an ocean – limitless, bottomless & boundless.

Don’t come to Him with a teacup; come to Him with an oil tanker so you can be a blessing to other people.

2. Protects – God preserves the righteous (v23,24 & v4)

Delight in the Lord!

2 cor 9:8

3. Prospers – God prospers the next generation (v25-26 & v3)

The more you give, the more you make room for God’s blessing.

Generosity positions us to receive God’s blessing

Generosity opens our eyes to God’s faithfulness.

John 3:16 – God gave.

Through the blood of Jesus, we are righteous & the righteous give & are generous.

Generosity is our response to God’s provision, protection & prosperity.

Luke 6:38
Cross training series: Fasting

Psalm 69:1-13

Fasting is Christ centered and has eternal value.

Fasting is a call:
1. of desperation (v1)
2. to deeper devotion (v9)
3. to thankful worship (v30-31)

Fasting leads to deeper devotion & genuine encounters with God.

Math 6:16-18

What are your thoughts?

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