Sketchers Memory Foam walking shoes


I can’t say that these Sketchers Memory Foam walking shoes are the best in the market – since I’ve only tried the Fitflop ones and that was a disaster – but based on my 4 month experience with these shoes, they are truly comfortable and best for my walking feet. You see, I walk 5 kms a day – that’s going to and from work. I used to just wear my regular flat shoes until I noticed that my ankles would get tired and even sometimes I’d experience foot cramps. And because I’m all for taking care of my body – I only have one and I can actually feel it getting old and tired already, haha! – I decided to “invest” in really nice walking shoes.


In Manila, there aren’t much options for tried-and-tested walking shoes but good thing I saw these ones from Sketchers. I tried them on and though fearful that it might fail me like the Fitflop ones – the type that feels good when you try them on but hurts as you walk longer in them – I went ahead and splurged on the shoes, which was about P3,500. Good thing that I did because 4 months in and it still feels good and comfy. My feet don’t hurt and the cushion is really nice and soft. It comes in black and cream but I decided on the black one for versatility and the fact that it won’t look dirty as compared to the cream one. Plus points that it looks like ballet shoes (very chic and usable) and the design somewhat looks like embroidery or lace and for me, is very pretty for a simple walking shoe. I was hoping to find pointy walking shoes – since pointy shoes look best on my feet, proof here – but I don’t think that’s exactly how walking shoes are designed. Hehe.

What are your thoughts?

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