Kikay Review: Oil Film Wars


Kikay alert!

Doesn’t sound much but that’s the only title I can think of. Haha! I have a very oily T-zone which is obvious by the time it’s past noon. So along with my oral hygiene after lunch, I make sure I wipe my T-zone area for any excess oil. I’ve avoided simply retouching with face powder since I don’t like piling on too much make-up, which might cause break-outs. What I do is blot my T-zone then touch up with loose powder. So oil films for me are a big deal.

Clean and Clear’s Oil Film, P134

For the longest time, my fave is Clean and Clear’s Oil Film, specifically the pink one because of the grapefruit scent. I love how I can use it and at the same time, get a whiff of its citrus-y scent and instantly get energized (aside from being shine-free). Plus, it’s very sturdy that even if I drag the paper on my face, it does not rip! As you can see in the photos, it truly does it job and absorbs all the oil on my face and none of my foundation. But I decided to look for some cheaper yet also effective alternatives, if there were any.


Finess Oil Control Sheet, P35

I admit, I bought this brand simply because 1) it stated it had Green Tea scent and 2) the cute, hip packaging. For such a low price, I thought why not? Unfortunately, as I was using it, it easily ripped! Not much oil was absorbed, my powder transferred to the paper and sadly, the green tea scent was barely there. So no, I do not recommend this since it was not able to do the job.



Kleenex Oil Film, P100

I’ve read positive reviews about this one and since it’s P30 less than my fave Clean and Clear, I decided to give it a test run. First, the oil film is so pretty! Look at the floral design! The film is also thicker than Clean and Clear which I like since it doesn’t tear up easily. And yes, it does the job as good as Clean and Clear. It absorbs the oil n my Tzone. The only downside I can think of is no grapefruit or any scent for that matter. But that’s ok since this is a good product & it’s cheaper than my favorite one.


So which one wins? Both Kleenex & Clean and Clear! I like them both! So I decided that I’ll use the Clean and Clear one on-the-go while the Kleenex one is for office use. Win-win! 🙂


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