FREE Cebu Pacific Change Name (promo fare)


There comes a time in someone’s life when she would make a very stupid mistake. That time came to me last February. And last November, which I only realized last February. As a frequent flyer, you’d think I’d be a master flight booker. Haha! I actually forgot to put my second name in the flight ticket (there is no excuse for this but I just want to say it’s because the saved name in my Cebu Pac details was just my first name). Having just my first name on the ticket was no problem during my domestic flights but since these two new flights were international ones, I knew my passport could not lie. Haha! Being a worry wart, I immediately did my research. Most articles I found stated to call the airline’s call center which would involve lots of waiting and ugly or no customer service plus scandalous booking fees.

I’m here to share with you how to change name with Cebu Pacific, even on promo fare, with no hassle and no fee!

Please follow the straight forward steps below:

1. Visit and scroll to the Change Name part to download the affidavit form (or click here).
2. Print and fill-up form. No need for a lawyer’s notarization.
3. Scan form and government issued ID.
4. Email with the Booking Reference No. as Subject and attach the following: (i)scanned copy of filled up affidavit; (ii) itinerary; and (scanned passport/ government issued ID).
5. Include the travel dates in your email.
6. Send and have tons of faith!

After sending, you’ll receive a web generated notification that CebuPac received your email. According to some online articles, it took them days before receiving any feedback. They even say that you should follow-up with CebuPac after 24 hours. In my case, it only took about 4 hours until they emailed my revised and correct itineraries (thank you Giselle, Katia and the whole Cebu Pac team)! Thank you God!

I know of all the horror stories of Cebu Pac in terms of customer service but this time around, they have amazed me. This experience was really pleasant for me (and a hard lesson I will never forget!) Hope everyone will have a pleasant experience too if you find yourself in need of a change name.


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    • Thats apple and oranges though. Cebu Pacific is a super cheap budget airline (yes redundant, haha). Would be nice of course if they had better website and services

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