Longchamp’s Le Pliage Cuir Medium Leather Handbag


So I recently went to India and of all the things I bought during – or more correctly – after the trip, it had to be a Longchamp. Hahaha! In my defense though, I have six good points in my favor. First, I didn’t see much that I wanted in Bangalore; second, I’ve been wanting a Cuir for years now; third, I didn’t shell out on this since I used my extra per diem allowance; fourth, I bought the Longchamp in Singapore’s Changi airport during my lay over so it’s certified duty-free; fifth, it was on a huge discounted price on top of being tax-free; and sixth, I consider this as my reward for all the hard work I did for our work meeting. So technically, this is a non-India-but-overdue-reward-slash-need-purchase. Haha!


Anyway, I’ve been wanting this bag ever since I went to Europe and saw it in Paris since it’s so soft, stylish and usable. But since I already bought an LV then, I didn’t want to seem greedy and buy too much (I always have a budget and try to stick to it). Two years after, I finally bought it! And on sale too at 40% off! Such a good buy! What happened was I went to the Longchamp boutique at Changi airport and saw the red Cuir at USD545. I also checked out the maroon medium nylon tote at approx. USD270. I told myself I’ll walk around first and think about it, since I had time to spare before my flight back home to Manila. Then I saw this huge sale sign at The Fashion Gallery, which houses various brands including Longchamp. I decided to look and lo and behold, Longchamp’s Le Pliage Cuir Medium Leather Handbag was on sale at only USD336 (roughly only Php15k)! Imagine, most of Fino’s (a local Pinoy-made brand) leather bags are already priced at Php10k so this Longchamp was a steal. Plus, back in Manila, I checked how much the Cuir was at Longchamp’s store in Shangrila and it was a whopping Php31,500! Pfft. Catch was that they only had the limited edition medium cuir in pink, green and yellow. I already have a green epi leather LV speedy and pink isn’t really my color. I’ve always wanted a yellow bag – it provides the pop of color I need when I’m wearing dreary clothes! – and so, I made the decision to buy the yellow cuir. The fact that it was on sale is awesome! The bag is made of soft lambskin leather and is so versatile with its top handle and body bag handle. As with most Longchamps, it can also be folded and stored easily. Very usable too since I can put so much stuff in it and use it every day. Downside would be since it is bright yellow, dirt and stains can easily be seen and since it is soft leather, extra care is needed. Long strap is also one length (I would have preferred that it be adjustable). Still, it is such a great buy for me (can’t stop raving)! Thank the heavens I have high EQ and didn’t buy the red cuir at once. 



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