Human Heart Nature Foundation as Contouring Powder


Kikay alert!

I’ve been looking for a contouring powder for a while now since I finished my last one, Sheer Cover from the US. But I’ve recently decided that I will slowly transition into using more “organic,” chemical-free-as-can-be-cosmetics, not to mention more environmentally friendly too. Plus points if it’s socially responsible too like Human Heart Nature (HHN). I always scan their website and was glad when they brought back their mineral foundation in Toffee (same name as my dog! Haha!). After a bit of review reading, I was convinced that this shade would be great for contouring on my morena skin.


I ordered the refill online (because Beauty Bar didn’t have that shade), hoping that it would fit my L’oreal foundation case, which I couldn’t bear to throw away because of the pretty Parisian design. Aside from big savings, I didn’t want to buy the foundation + case which would just end up in Smokey Mountain aka the mountain of trash in Manila.


You can imagine my happiness when the HHN refill fit my L’oreal case! Yey for reusing and no to wastage! Another happy accident is that I can buy another HHN mineral foundation in a lighter shade, thus, making it as my highlighter and it would fit the other side of my L’oreal case! Thus completing my contour-highlight duo!


Toffee is perfect as a contouring powder for me. Price is reasonable for the color pay-off and longevity on skin and the fact that it’s pro-poor, pro-environment and pro-Philippines & easily available. Downside is that it has so much excess powder when I use my powder brush. But I am willing to overlook this since I am used to using loose powder as a contouring powder so I plan on just crushing the powder to make it loose then transfer it to a pot. No biggie 🙂

Mental note: before wasting stuff, check if we can re-use or recycle!


What are your thoughts?

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