Love My Bags: Bag Raincoat and Dust Bag


I’ve shared before that I walk to and from my work and my city home because aside from the much needed exercise, (1) I hate driving; (2) cost saving and (3) I am trying to be more environmentally friendly in my daily decisions. So imagine the hassle when I walk during the rainy days! I could take public transport but I always end up walking (I cannot stand Manila traffic and all those people in public transport and I refuse to take cabs). There came a time when I wished upon the fashion star that some sort of bag protector would come along so I won’t have to worry about my bag getting wet. The fashion star heard my wish: behold, Love My Bags’ Bag Raincoat.


It comes in two sizes, medium and large (website here). I got the medium one (Php250) and it fits all of my regular bags.


It’s also very handy to bring everyday since it can be folded neatly and it even has a small pouch!


Another item they have is the dust bag. I ordered two medium ones in beige, Php75 each (they have it also in black and in large size). As a bag lover, I really have to protect my bags so that it would last longer and still look pretty. Plus points that this bag has a plastic pocket where you can place a photo of your bag so you won’t have to open the bag just to check!


On my next post, I’ll be sharing about their bag stuffers which I’ve wanted for the longest time! =)


What are your thoughts?

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