Blessed: ENACT: Every Nation In Action


ENACT: Every Nation In Action

Original design

Devoted – their passion (v42)
Together – their unity (v44)
Added – their growth (v41 & 47)
ENACT: Young Generation

1. Invest in them
2. Involve them
3. Impart to them
ENACT: Spread the gospel
Acts 1:8

1. Mindsets have to be broken:
– ‘I can’t’ (ability)
– ‘Mine first’ (focused resource)
– ‘I’m not qualified’ (insecurities)
– ‘They won’t listen’ (sovereignty of God)

Eph 3:20

2. Barriers have to be destroyed:
– Resources (ability to receive)
– Resources again (capacity to give)
Growth comes as you obey.
– Relational (capacity to love)
The gospel is greater than our personality. When you became a Christian, you should stop using who you are as an excuse not to share.

The great commission is our greatest mission!
ENACT: The Nation

The great Commission

God uses all people – you & me, flaws & all – to advance His Kingdom!

Without God, we can’t but without us, God won’t

How God will use us reach the nation:
1. Pray
2. Give
3. Go


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