On AlDub and Bear Brand



Recently, I’ve switched to a banana + milk as my after work out dinner. After trying different types of milk, consulting a fitness enthusiast and reading tons of health blogs and articles, I was convinced that it was ok and even healthy to drink milk or chocolate milk after work out. Not only does it have less calories compared to a proper meal, it’s also very budget friendly. So in comes Bear Brand’s Gatas na Choco, Choco na Gatas Adult Chocolate Milk Powder. This is by far the yummiest and most affordable alternative for me.

Imagine my dismay when I saw the famous AlDub as their newest endorsers. Now, lest AlDub fans hunt me down and nail me on a tree, I have nothing against the tandem. I don’t watch them, never have and never will. Frankly, my biggest ire is that nakaka-sawa na. A lot of FB contacts have been posting regarding the loveteam and it’s getting pretty old pretty quick. I’ll give the brand brownie points though for their adorable TV commercial. Now, what does that have to do with me and Bear Brand?

Well, now that they are endorsing it, Bear Brand will surely increase their price! That’s the logical next step for them since they have a ‘hot’ celebrity endorser now. Case in point: Primadonna shoes. I used to buy those because they were high quality and cheap. Then in comes Anne Curtis. Suddenly, everybody wanted to buy her shoes and alas, Primadonna became more expensive.

It’s only a matter of time before Bear Brand’s Gatas na Choco, Choco na Gatas Adult Chocolate Milk Powder has a price increase. I hope I’m wrong – for the sake of my wallet and my tummy!


What are your thoughts?

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