No churn ice cream (with local Pinoy ingredients)



Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts, aside from cake, cupcakes, chocolates.. OK, so basically I love any kind of dessert most of the time. As I was scanning Pinterest, I’ve been seeing numerous recipes for a no churn ice cream so of course it was only logical for me to try it. Now, I know there are so many recipes already but I wanted to post my own for other Pinoys who might want to try it but are doubtful whether our local ingredients would work, since most recipes are from abroad. The answer: yes. We have ingredients here that make for a no churn ice cream.


The base ingredients: 1 Nestle cream package (don’t use Alaska because it DID NOT WORK) and half a can of condensed milk.

Other ingredients: For my first ice cream, I used the 200 gram Nutella but feel free to experiment and try other flavors like choco-mint (peppermint syrup available in Robinson’s grocery) or good ol’ plain chocolate

The first time I did it, I used a whole can of condensed milk plus the Nutella and it was too sweet! So I suggest just using half a can if combining with another sweet flavor.

How to: Combine condensed milk with flavor and set aside. Whip the Nestle cream until soft peaks form (about 3 minutes). Add the flavored condensed milk and fold/mix (don’t whip). Place in a container, cover then freeze for at least 6 hours. Voila! Look at how pretty it turned out!


Go try it now and go crazy with the flavors! Perfect to pair with cake or cupcake =) As for me, I’ll probably stick with old fashioned store bought ice cream because the no churn one is too “creamy” for me. Or better yet, I’ll just go with Arce Dairy’s Sorbet (which are sooo good!)


What are your thoughts?

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