Some other easy “ how to save” and “environment-friendly” tips



1. Use both sides of paper when printing or writing, even post its!
2. Choose environment-friendly cosmetics and cleaning products (hello, Human Heart Nature)
3. Look for this sign which means the plastic can be melted and recycled (lesser evil, I guess)
4. When gifting, use the paper bag that your item comes in. For example, I bought a book and instead of buying new gift wrapper, I kept the book in the paper bag and “prettied” it up by using green yarn and a gorgeous floral card. No need to buy new gift paper! Be creative and use the stuff that are already available in your home
5. Buy local! Not only are they usually cheaper, you’re also helping our local farmers and entrepreneurs!
6. If you really need a credit card, choose one that (1) has no annual fee-so important!; (2) has good customer service; and (3) has good rewards points. Recommended is PNB’s Travel Credit Card. But remember, if you can’t control your credit card usage, then better not have one than be buried in debt

PS. I don’t work for any of the products mentioned above 🙂


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