Blessed: Spending Time with God and other Quiet Time Notes


Please note that the below is just a suggestion regarding spending time with God, sort of a structured guideline. I mean, not every Christian would do #3. You may of course deviate from it. Personally, I do things differently, like, I talk to Him first before reading the Bible.


Here’s something shared to us during my Victory group/ Bible Study:

1. The Word – Read the Bible, perhaps a few chapters. Don’t leave the QT without being hurt, convicted or touched by His Word

2. Worship – Give thanksgiving, maybe through words or even songs!
a. Dedicating our lives to Him
b. Praising Him

3. Tongues
a. Brings revelation
b. Helps us articulate the wounds and pains of the heart
c. Builds our faith

4. Waiting on God – This is a bit challenging for me since when I try to be quiet and still, my mind (and soul) constantly wanders away! Ano kaya susuutin ko? Ano kaya makain maya? Bakit ba ganun yung taong yun? So hard! But I try to reprimand my brain to stop floating away! Hehe! Still needs improvement though
a. By listening
b. Through quietness
c. Through stillness
d. Solitude
e. Rest

5. Write it down – Another challenge for me kasi nakakatamad. Haha! But I make sure that if my QT for that day really leaves an impact or super sakto with what I’m going through, I write it down. As you can see in my notes, I try to spice it up with drawings! Haha! Not seen are the numerous underlines and exclamation points! Nothing like a good old emphasis on my notes to drive the point home.


Hope this would help. Let me know if you have your own experiences during QT! 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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