Vacationista: Sydney Day 1 (Saturday)


First off, my phone died on me on my first day in Sydney. So I really don’t have much photos. But I’m still writing down what happened for my personal pleasure! Haha! For starters, I had a red eye flight to Sydney and so the NAIA Terminal 3 airport was empty, which is one of the reasons I like taking red eye flights! Not only will there be less traffic and people, but for this long haul trip, I could just sleep during the flight and when I wake up, hello morning! Gora na agad! The plane was pretty full but I’m glad I was able to get an aisle seat in the middle row, best for people who pee often *raises hand* or would like to stretch and walk around the plane.


I arrived at Sydney International Airport at around 12nn and first things first, had a US$100 exchanged to approximately AUS$114. Felt really stupid I left my AUS$50 at home (grr) since airport exchange have the worst rates! As comparison, I again exchanged US$100 somewhere near my inn and had $125.   

Anyway, I followed the signs to the train station and took a train going to Kings Cross ($18). Look at their trains – it had two levels! And of course, as with most developed countries, the trains arrived on schedule, were very roomy, comfy and clean. Plus, fun trivia which I saw a local do, their seats can be pulled to face both ways depending on your direction! How cool is that!

 Also remember when using the escalator, stand on your left! The right side should be left open for passing people.


Once I arrived at my inn, just settled down, freshened up then off I went to explore! As I mentioned before, all I wanted to do was walk around. So I did. Aside from local cafes and stores, I saw this pretty and small church.


I also had late lunch made up of a beef pastry ($3.9) and a cucumber iced tea ($2.9), both of which were just good, nothing spectacular.

I then bought a round trip ticket going to the Circular Quay ($8) because priorities, right? Haha! Once there, I walked and walked around. I really like these lavender colored flower tree blooming all around the city! 


As you can see though, weather was becoming gloomy. I guess my phone felt this because this was about the time my phone decided to die on me. Haha!


Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of the huge-ass, albeit salty, calamari ($2) I ate at the Quay. I was also able to peek at The Rocks Markets, which was quaint and fun to look at but frankly speaking, I feel the products they sold there – from organic soaps to colorful lamps and other decorations – are easily available back in Manila. Anyway, it’s a nice place to spend some time. I also took advantage of The Rocks Free Walking Tour that was offered (again no photos). I joined the 6pm tour even though it was a bit drizzling. The tour was pretty interesting, most especially for history buffs (which I’m not). Just look for the tour guides in bright green. For the 6pm tour, they meet at Cadman’s Cottage at the Rocks then the 10:30 and 2:30pm tours at Town Hall. After experiencing the 1.5 hour tour, I decided I won’t join the morning tours the next day since I’m not much into history anyway.

By 7pm, I had a full blown headache – I’m blaming it on the drizzle, tiring flight, dehydration and skipped lunch – so I made my way back home but not before eating another huge-ass meal, this time a beef shawarma ($9) right across King’s Cross Station. It was so big and so heavy! Felt so bad that I threw half of it away because I was so full! I think the shawarma would be good enough for 3 light eaters. Also, the guy selling me shawarma asked me out on a date. Why do I always attract the shawarma guys?! Haha!


I then dropped by Coles Supermarket right across and bought a 1.5L bottled water ($1) and two fresh peaches ($1.97). I love peaches! It’s a shame we don’t have fresh ones in the Philippines but we have papayas, which is my fave, so it’s alright. By 9pm, I was ready to go to bed and immediately fell asleep.




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