Vacationista: Sydney Day 3 (Monday)


Again, woke up at 9am with no alarm clock. After freshening up, decided to walk from my inn to the Town Hall Building. Along the way, had breakfast made up of grilled cheese and a cup of cappucino ($5) and – you guessed it – people watched again.


Once done, I walked towards Town Hall (passed by the Australian Museum) and walked at the nearby areas.


I chanced upon this factory outlet called Big Bargain. Most clothes range from $10-30. Was able to nab a $10 romper, perfect for a day in the mall. I love taking home a piece of clothing from traveling abroad because it’s a great reminder of my travels. Just don’t mind my socks ala-Tom Cruise in Risky Business.


 Afterwards, spotted a cutesy patootsie shop called Habitania, an oasis of everything pretty! This is one thing I love about walking and having no strict itinerary. I get to discover shops and hole-in-the-wall cafes that are not included in tourist websites!



I kept walking and chanced upon this shopping center which housed a number of stores. Sat on one of the benches and had a snack. What caught my attention was actually this Havaianas vending machine! It was so ludicrous, at the same time practical and ingenious, I almost laughed!



I then walked around the Queen Victoria Building which was so gorgeous! Small and compact, yes, but every corner was so lovely! It housed small stores from bags to trinkets and even small restos where you eat on the sides of the rails.




Even their floor design was so pretty!



I already felt the pangs of hunger so I made my way to the Pitt St Mall, which was nearby, and had some good ol Chinese food at the food court because I was craving for rice – typical Filipino. Again, such a big serving! Just look at my ‘small sized’ meal consisting of two viands – garlic squid and spicy fish – with rice ($8). I took a before and after photos and it’s like I didn’t eat a thing! Found the squid too salty so mostly I ate the fish and rice. Felt so bad that I had to throw my leftover food away! =(


 I was then craving for some sweet ice cream so I decided to go to a Mcdonald’s I passed by. I have this ritual where I like to visit and eat at a fast food chain when abroad, just to see how different it is from my hometown. I just ordered their Mega Choco Sundae on a Waffle Cone with two sticks of chocolate ($2) which was really yummy!



I then walked back to Town Hall and spent a few moments on one of the benches under the lavender colored blossoming tree. My feet were already killing me with all the walking I did. I guess I’m starting to age and have lola bones already. Haha! Which made me realize, how can some people say that they’ll start traveling when they’re already retired?! I mean, already feeling tired at my current age, by the time I retire, I’d be so exhausted I wouldn’t be able to walk around as much as I want to, I wouldn’t enjoy as much as I am enjoying now. Or maybe I’m just out of shape. Haha! But as I always say, to each his own. Anyway, I think one of their local white birds wanted to make friends with me. Hehe.


I then walked towards 45 Clarence St to meet up with my cousin for coffee, something that spontaneously happened. By that time, my feet were doubly-aching! She took me at Max Brenner which had the richest chocolate drink ever.


She recommended the chocolate drink with mini balls in it (forgot the name), she had salted caramel then we shared two pieces of waffle with a side of vanilla ice cream, fresh banana and strawberries. I think price range started from $15.


After a quick chat, we parted ways. Since I was able to rest a bit, I walked back to Town Hall Station so that I won’t have to transfer trains going back home. Dropped by a huge crafts store along the way!



Before heading home, went to the grocery store first to buy some goodies. The Cadbury Caramello Koala was 2 for $5. We have this in Manila but it’s way cheaper in Oz so just bought two bags to give away to friends. The two flavoured coffee mix was $4 each. I don’t recommend this since it tastes just like our 3-in-1 coffee. All sugar and no flavor. The Coles’ biscuits were $1.8 each, Smith’s small chips was 2 for $2 and the ghost chocolate was $.50 (bought it for the ghost stick).



On the way home, dropped by this Thai store for some fresh fruit shake – papaya, pear and some other good stuff – for $5, my dinner for the night. Chatted with my roommates (hi again girls!) then mentally prepared myself for my last day.



What are your thoughts?

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