Vacationista: Leaving Sydney (Tuesday)


On my last day, gloomy skies greeted me, bidding me goodbye. I guess it was heaven’s way of saying that it is now the end of my short but super fun weekend getaway.


I again took the train towards the airport ($18). Bought coffee and a huge blueberry muffin ($5) as breakfast at a store in the station.



Just to share: since I don’t have any checked in baggage, all the stuff I bought was in my hand carry, including the coffee mix powder which was 250g. Beforehand, I checked the web if more than 100grams of powder was illegal to hand carry and didn’t find any info that it was prohibited. I guess the xray machine thought it was something illegal that they had to search my bag. Then afterwards, another man scanned my bag for explosive material. He kept muttering ‘so rude’ after this Chinese woman made a scene with him, accusing him of being a racist. Anyway, my point is, when you visit another country, you must abide by their rules and procedures, even if it’s somewhat of a hassle. Because always remember: you’re the visitor. Respect the country you’re visiting.

Anyway, I tried to ‘tire’ myself by walking all around the airport. Sydney airport isn’t as big and diverse as, say, Changi Airport in Singapore so I didn’t really need to walk far. My last meal, which I bought before going through immigration, was from Pretzel World. Bought their cheese and jalapeno pretzel ($5.2) perfect with the peach iced tea ($4.5) sold at another store (told you I love peaches!).


Funny story: I almost forgot my phone at the restroom when I went there right before boarding! Thank God I didn’t! What would I do without all my photos? Haha! On board, the plane was only about half full! I had the aisle seat again in the middle row with no seatmates (until an old man decided to transfer).



So there goes my weekend birthday getaway. 2.5 days is perfect for me since I really just wanted to stay in the city. Thank you, Sydney. For sure I will see you again.


What are your thoughts?

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