Review: Ketchup Community’s Happy Tummy


The weekend before my Sydney birthday weekend getaway, I spent my actual birthday in Baguio only because (1) my mom wanted to go there because (2) my brother was already there so that meant free accommodation at Azalea Residences, which she fell in love with. Haha. If not for those two reasons I would just have stayed at home with a bowl of chips, a glass of iced tea and my cat on my lap on my birthday, us doing a movie marathon/web surfing. In hindsight, I’m happy I went to Baguio and had little to no net access because I would have puked with all my online contacts’ posts on AlDub.

Anyhow, caught the Friday night trip then went back Sunday afternoon. Since I really didn’t plan on doing anything, I did my research on places to eat and so before I went up, I already had a list. One of them was Ketchup Community. When we went there, we did a go-see and my brother ended up craving for some good ol’ Thai food at Happy Tummy. I like their ambiance, very cozy, al fresco and tree-like. Haha! Service is awesome – fast, alert and nice staff! Food is great too and so sulit for the price. You’re paying so little for the big amount you’re served without lacking the yummy taste. Everything we ordered was for sharing.



We ordered the chicken curry (Php175), mixed vegetables (Php195), Tom Yum (Php175), the large friend tilapia with tamarind sauce (Php250) and a cup of rice (Php20). If you enjoy Thai food, you’ll definitely love it here! Everything was sooo good! The chicken curry was a bit on the sweet side for my liking but still good. Tom Yum was very rich with the balance of sourness. The fried tilapia was my fave – meat was fried to perfection. I also ordered their Thai Milk Tea (Php50 for a glass, Php150 for a pitcher) which was a bit too sweet so just add water to lessen it.



All in all, I would love to eat there again if I’m craving for some Thai food in Baguio. 😉


What are your thoughts?

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