Review: Human Heart Nature’s Feminine Wash


Kikay alert! And also a bit of TMI (too much information)

I used to use PhCare every single day, you know, since media would tell you that you have to. Until one day, my sister told me of a friend who suddenly had some kind of disease in the land down under and the main culprit was the chemical based PhCare. Now I don’t know the details but that was enough for me to stop using it daily. I decided to only use it during my red days.

Then came Human Heart Nature’s Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash, specially made for ‘those days.’ It seemed perfect! All natural and something that I’ll only use a few days in a month. What was holding me back though was (1) I still had some PhCare to use up and (2) the price, a tad bit expensive (Php 150 for 100ml) compared to others – I mean Php150 can already buy you a huge bottle of PhCare.

But then, HHN had an online sale! It was now Php119. So aside from a new Toffee refill which was also on sale online and a tube of their lipstick, I bought a bottle and oh my gosh, I have only two words to describe it – Intense Coolness! I’m not even exaggerating. I know PhCare has their cool variant which, sure, was cool down under but HHN’s version was so much cooler and longer lasting. Must have something to do with that tea tree oil. Haha! So if you’re into that, I recommend this product. Plus, we gotta take care of that sensitive area down under during those ‘extra care needed’ days so better to use an all-natural product like HHN!



What are your thoughts?

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