Foodie: Baler Surfer Grill


When I was researching for our Baler trip, one of the places that came up in my search feed was the Baler Surfer Grill. Maybe it’s the novelty of having a car as a working grill or something but a lot of people would recommend this place. So we had our late lunch here. First off, I like the location and the ‘ambiance’ of the place. It’s right beside Sabang beach along with other resorts and surf places. The tables and chairs are all under a bahay kubo so it’s al fresco. Staff are really nice too.

We had to buy separate drinks and good thing there was a juice shop right beside it. I ordered their melon juice (Php30) which was actually my saving grace for the meal. Really tasty with lots of melon bits. Very refreshing after a day of trekking.


There were only three choices in the menu when we went there – grilled liempo, bulalo bbq and grilled fish. I like the way their menu looks and the concept behind the sizes that the big size is called ‘pro’ (Php200) while the smaller, rice bowl type of meal is the ‘beginner’ (Php89). We each had their pro liempo and bulalo bbq. The photos on their blackboard menu looked so appetizing, yummy and huge that I was looking forward to our meal. The packaging was cute as it was served on a wooden chopping board. 


That being said, unfortunately, the meal was a huge disappointment. Looking at my friends’ liempo, I knew the pork was overcooked and oh-so-dry. It was a whole slab of meat but it really didn’t look appetizing. As for my bulalo, yes, there was a lot of meat to go around but it too was dry. I didn’t care for the bbq sauce. It tasted like store bought bbq sauce left on the table for a week. Both of the meals’ veggie sides looked so sad. Corn was sweet though. As you can see in the photos, they do not look appetizing at all. Both me and my friend agreed that the quality of the meal would probably be appropriately priced at Php150 but with unlimited rice and free iced tea pa. Honestly, I don’t recommend this place for the food.


What are your thoughts?

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