Travel must have: Luggage Covers


As always, I am so good in delaying gratification as evidenced by my procrastination of buying my Longchamp Cuir and even my bag stuffers. This time, I’ve been planning on buying luggage covers since last June, way before this stupid laglag bala scam became prevalent in Manila airports, for our four pieces of luggage. I actually like how our Samsonite and American Tourister luggage looks like and it has built in locks that laglag bala scammers hate but it accumulates dust and dirt when stored and during traveling so I decided to buy covers to maintain its color (I mean, it’s so hard to clean luggage!)

Since my sister visited the States, we decided to buy the large ones via (the purple paisley and giraffe designs in the photo) as they were cheaper. But since she was only able to buy the large sizes for our two large sized luggage, it was up to me to buy the small covers for our carry-on luggage. And I knew just where to buy from – Conservo PH. I’ve been stalking their Instagram feed months back and I was drawn to their comic strip cover! They have so many cute designs and always in demand that I had to wait for their new stocks to arrive so I could order the ones I really wanted. Last June, they had free shipping for 2 covers or more. I guess because of the scam, they grabbed the opportunity since their covers were selling like hotcakes and even featured in online sites. So now, their free shipping is for 4 orders and above.

Since I only ordered two small covers, I paid P50 for shipping fee to Manila so that totaled to P1550 (small covers are P750 each) and paid via BPI. This is the best deal I’ve seen online and in shops so far. The owner is very nice and accommodating so I had no problem ordering and even inquiring. The covers are made of elastic material and are washable. Very easy to use and look how snug my luggage look like?

Luggage covers are a great buy for anyone who wants to keep their luggage clean and secure (and pretty too)! Grab one before they have an inevitable price increase! 😀


What are your thoughts?

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