Foodie: Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza



 Me and my Victory Group aka Bible Study had our mini-Christmas celebration at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza in Podium. As soon as I entered, the staff asked if I was with Cheska’s group and I said yes. I like how they observed (and assumed) that I was with that particular group, since we had to call ahead of time to reserve a table for six. To start, I like their interiors – very cozy in spite of being adorned with brick walls (because, hello, it’s in their name) and even though it kind of gives off a masculine feel. Space is big and roomy enough to be jam packed but still have enough personal space per table.

Their menu is pretty short which I personally like. I kind of dislike those long, super diverse menus because it’s so hard to decide! Anyway, the menu includes pasta, pizza, salads and really unique desserts like Nutella Soup and Chocolate Chicharon, which we weren’t able to try because we had dessert and coffee at Café Breton (which has a too long and diverse menu). Price range is from P200 for pasta good for two light eaters and P400 for their plate sized pizza.


For 3 of us, we ordered their Prosciutto Pizza and Bianca Pizza (which is made of kesong puti), about P400 each; calamansi pitcher (approx.. P190) and two pastas – their best seller, Salted Egg (P210) and Tomato Basil (P205). Food was overall good. Of the two pizzas, I really liked the Bianca pizza, probably because I’m partial to anything cheesy. I found the Prosciutto too salty for my taste so I only ate 1 slice. Brick oven cooked pizzas are way better than regular ones plus their crust is thin enough for you to enjoy and not feel umay eating. For the pastas, contrary to the name, the salted egg pasta was not salty at all. In fact, it seemed like the eggs just added to the creaminess of the sauce and even added some texture. Imagine carbonara with a bit of creamy salted egg. The tomato basil pasta was just good but a bit boring for my taste. I could hardly taste the basil. It could’ve been named tomato pasta and I wouldn’t have noticed the difference. I also did not care much for the noodles because I think they were egg noodles, like something they would use for mami. The kalamansi juice was a tad sour for me but that could easily be remedied with sugar. You should also try their spicy honey and spicy olive oil. I used the honey on the crust while the olive oil on the pizza itself. It’s not really spicy but the honey gave the crust more flavor. Overall, we were able to finish all of the food so it was all good. 

I initially thought that the prices were too high but when I tasted their food, I must say it’s not bad at all. For 3 people, we split the bill for a total of P450 each considering I was able to eat 4 slices of pizza, a handful of pasta and a glass of juice. Will definitel go back whem I’m craving for some authentic tasting pizza.


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