Cool Spotify on iPhone trick


Did you know that you can have a ‘quick listen’ to a song on Spotify if you don’t know how it sounds like?

I haven’t availed of Spotify Premium but I’m really thinking about it. Anyway, I usually use my iPhone to listen to Spotify. Since I don’t have the premium yet, all I could do was press Shuffle Play but I really wanted to listen to Cake by the Ocean and so I accidentally ‘pressed and hold’ on the song, which in turn played a few cords. 
So if you you’re not familiar with the song title and want to hear the song, do this and you’ll instantly hear the chorus! Cool huh? Happy accident.

I also like the fact that once you plug in your earphones, your home screens shows a Spotify icon on the lower left side for instant access. =)


What are your thoughts?

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