New ‘old’ phone


So I finally gave in last November after a month of a broken LCD screen and more than a year of not being able to receive or make calls. Bought a new phone and still chose an iPhone because I really believe in Apple products. Based on personal experience, they really last long and do the job that I need. I opted for the old season’s iPhone 5s because aside from the lower cost (P15,990 for 16GB), I really don’t like the iphone6 series. Aside from being too expensive for my liking, they’re too big to fit my hand. I like my phone to fit on just one hand for easy texting. I mean, that’s why it’s called a hand held phone, am I right? Haha! So even though I really don’t like buying new gadgets (I’m the kind who uses my gadgets until they beg me to replace them. Basta pwede pa, wag palitan. Haha), I went ahead and bought a new phone, which made me realize how crappy my old phone was. Haha! 

If you can see in the photo, my old iphone’s LCD is already messed up. That’s the second time that that has happened then 2 nights before my Sydney trip, my phone fell and so the LCD was broken again. Aside from that, I can’t receive or make calls. So instead of having my phone repaired, which would cost a few thousands of pesos, I decided to just have my old phone retire and buy a new one. Can you believe I took photos of my Sydney trip with that kind of LCD? #PartidaMagandaPaDinPhotos


Another thing: I’m not much of a phone case kind of person. I like to feel the thinness and slimness of my phone when I use it. But during a walkathon at a mall, saw this super gorgeous, freshly pressed flower iphone case. It was between this and a googly eyed unicorn case but since I convinced myself that I am an adult, I opted for the floral one. So pretty, noh?


Let me share four things that I like about the latest iOS that I downloaded which is the 9.2.

1. Deleted photos (and also notes) will be saved to another folder and stored for a few more days until they are gone forever. The number of days left are indicated in each photo so if you mistakenly deleted a photo, you have the option to recover it!

2. Notes now have an option to include photos or create some artwork!

3. There’s a “back to option” whenever you use a certain app to go to the previous app, without having to go back ‘Home’

4. My most favorite: photos now have the date and time when you took them, for easy reference.

Thank You Father for my new toy! =)



What are your thoughts?

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