Monitor your finances: CashSpend2 App review


I mentioned before how much monitoring my finances has helped me become more aware of where my money goes to. Among the 10 apps I downloaded (yes I tried 10 apps, more or less), I found the CashSpend2 app the most easy to use and practical. Also important is that it can be accessed offline. Please note that as I share this, I intentionally chose the month of December so that my expenses would be excusable (because hey, it’s Christmas –time! Haha!) So no judging :p


 The app lists the most common expenses like Food and Clothing and are color coded (you may also change the colors). You add the cost to whichever expense group and even specify what exactly you bought or paid for. You may also add other types of expenses if you want to. For me, I had to add my gym/muay thai expenses under the Others tab. Plus, not only can you monitor the daily expenses, you can also see the monthly expenses and check where your money goes to the most. Since I don’t include the monthly staples like Rent, Savings/Investments and Tithes/ Offerings/ Support, most of my everyday expenses goes to food. Not surprising though. I really like food eh. Haha!


 I guess one downside would be that I can’t change it to my local currency but since I’m not particular on that, it’s ok. Other than that, I would also prefer that during the monthky view, I could see the ‘specifics’ under each sub category so I would know where exactly did my money go to in a category.

I highly recommend monitoring one’s finances because I think more and more adults are becoming ‘reckless’ with their money – upgrading phones every month, travelling every week, eating out every day for IG-worthy photos – with no savings yet drowning in debt. But of course, that’s none of my business so no judging 🙂



What are your thoughts?

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