Three things I would not recommend eating (plus two that you should)


To start the year, here are three things I personally believe you shouldn’t waste your money on (and two bonus ones that you should):

1. Halal Guys

Was so disappointed with this because I was really expecting an explosion in my mouth. Me & a friend had this one lunch time – thankfully, there was no line – after all the hype we’ve heard. But personally for both of us, it did not make the cut. It’s not something I’d line up for again. Maybe it would be better in New York? This set me back about P300.

2. G.H.Cretons Popcorn

When my sister heard that there was a store of this in Manila, she was ecstatic! It was so good daw and being a family that loves popcorn, I got excited too. So imagine her delight when she spotted this limited edition canister with a variety of three popcorns inside at S&R. No need to go to the store! Unfortunately though, the first bag of cheese flavored popcorn was stale & makunat. The horror! The second bag, the apple caramel variant, was good but not worth the big bucks we paid for. Nothing special really. My jologs tastebuds are perfectly fine with the caramel Moby junkfood. Haha. The whole tub set us back at P850.


3. Peri peri chicken

Hmm where do I start? Really, there is nothing exceptional with their food. With the amount of money we paid, approx. P300 per meal item, you would expect something more than a simple chicken. But the sweet potato chips were not crunchy, the java rice tasted like regular rice, the fish sticks are really sad and the chicken wasn’t that flavorful. Their only saving grace is the cajun sauce. 

To make up for the sad reviews, here are two things you definitely should buy!

3. Purple Oven’s Grandma’s Chocolate Cake

Super good! Moist chocolate cake with yummy chocolate icing, plus a layer of caramel filling that makes the cake not too sweet but a perfect dessert. Topped with chocolatey curls! Best part is it’s super affordable! The whole cake costs only around P650. Talk about value for money! Ate this for weeks! Hahaha! 

4. Generic nachos from S&R

Was a bit worried when we bought this because it’s generic and sometimes generic food don’t really make the cut for being known to be delicious. But this is an exemption. These come in all natural corn color or the more festive one in red, green and natural. Just heat it in the microwave, pair with cheese and salsa, and you’re good to go! Really crunchy and tasty! Maybe even better than Tostitos and definitely worth the money since it only cost about P250 for a big bag separated into 4 packs to keep the freshness and crisp! 


So there yah go! Just a few things to start off this year, for all of us ‘foodies.’ :)))


What are your thoughts?

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