Vacationista: Tokyo Day 4-leaving Japan =(


Leaving a country is such sweet sorrow though I don’t usually get too depressed when coming back home since I know this is just a temporary vacay. Haha! My biggest sepanx (read: separation anxiety) moment was when I spent Boracay with my high school barkada but then again, that was primarily because I didn’t like the job I was going back to then. Haha! Anyway, we rode the cab going to Tokyo station because of all our luggage. Forgot how much we paid but here’s a tip: if you’re traveling with a group – whether friends or family – have a common fund so that you’ll just get your money there for cab and train fares, so less hassle. Their cabs are really nice and clean, you clearly see the meter, drivers are courteous and their passenger doors close automatically.

From Tokyo station, we looked for the Narita express office where we exchanged our generic tickets to the ones with a specific car number and reserved seat. This doesn’t apply to you if you didn’t buy a reserved ticket.  

 At the airport, we first checked in to rid of our luggage. No terminal fees here, people (unlike in Manila). Then since we were going to be mid-air during lunch, we decided to have a heavy brunch in the form of katsudon. Yey! This is another must eat for me in Japan. Chose one of the restos at the second floor, before immigration, and ordered their Japanese curry katsudon set with salad and coffee. Yes to coffee in the morning! This was a really good deal for Y939 (with tax) and tasted so good for airport food (unlike in Manila. Sorry again for comparing).  

 After immigration, we went around the shops since we had about an hour to spare. I wanted to use up all of my yen so I really scoured for something sulit to buy. In the first shop we went into, where there were a lot of people, saw this really nice looking box of Japanese goodies worth Y1000 and since I didn’t want to buy kitkat, took this home instead. At home, tasted the Jap goodies and really liked the hopia and lemon square. I later on discovered that I still had another Y1000 (toinks) so I went on looking for something to buy. This Japanese sake flavored Kitkat (Y700) and Wasabi Mayo (Y350) caught my attention. Tasted the kitkat and it was.. weird. Haha. It did taste like some form of alcohol. Before long, it was time for us board again and welcome home.

 Japan will always be a country I would enjoy going back to. There’s never a shortage of people to meet, things to do, food to eat and stuff to buy. Can’t wait to go back! Fukuoka next, maybe? =)



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