Blessed: The Heart truth series


Since love is all around us especially during the month of February, Victory had a mini series on the most coveted thing in the world – LOVE. This is always timely & relevant. My main take aways: I can only love because God loved me first; & in finding my partner, he should love God first than me. Hope the below notes provide some few points on love for you too! 

Getting to the matters of the heart
1 Cor 13:1-7

I– important: love is important than anything else; without love, there is nothing

D-definition: we are called to love the way God loves us

O-on & on & on: it should go on forever

Gal 5:22; john 15:5 – we can only manifest real, true love, we have to be connected to the branch (God) & rooted in God’s love


What is the heart truth of marriage?
Math. 19:3-9

1. God’s design for marriage

Between Male & female (v4)

“The husband brings the glory & beauty of the wife; the wife brings the strength of the husband.” – Pastor Glenn

2. God’s intent for marriage

Leave, cleave & unite (v5) – move out of parent’s home & be one with the spouse

3. God’s decree for marriage

Permanence of marriage (v6-8)

The enemy of marriage is not divorce or annulment but the hardness of heart

Divorce is not an option; fruits of the Spirit, humility & forgiveness is.

Reminder for wives & husbands:

Eph. 5:22-25

A healthy marriage thrives at the foot of the Cross standing in God’s design, intent & decree


What are your thoughts?

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