Foodie: Sendok and Garpu Indonesia Cuisine


I am not a picky eater. I could eat carinderia food all my life, for all I care. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy eating out and trying new types of food. Indonesian food – along with most Asian cuisine- is one favorite of mine. We went to S&R Nuvali to do some grocery shopping and decided to have lunch there but the line was so long and there wasn’t a free table in sight, so we transferred to the nearby open air food court in Solenad (too bad I forgot to take a photo), right beside the parking lot and beside Robinson’s Supermarket.  
Right off the bat we wanted to try Sendok and Garpu.  
We ordered their beef rendang, vegetable lumpia in peanut sauce, stuffed tofu and nasi goreng (Indonesian noodles), for a total of less than P500 (sorry I forgot). I like how their food tastes like, close to being authentic, without being too overpriced as compared to those in the mall. Special mention to the stuffed tofu which was really good combined with their special sweet and salty sauce and spicy oil.

 If you like Indonesian food, then try out this resto. Kudos to being in the open air food court, which surprisingly wasn’t that hot thanks to the cool wind and insulated roofs. Next time, I’ll also try out their milk tea plus grilled chicken meals and satay.



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