Hassle free product exchange in SM?


Is it really possible to have a hassle-free product exchange at SM stores? The answer is yes. I guess my doubts come from all the horror stories of our country not protecting the rights of customers but I’m so thankful SM Customer Service proved me wrong.

Silly me bought a hair straightener for an officemate when in fact, she specifically requested for a hair dryer! Imagine my dismay when I thought of the ‘money’ wasted if ever SM wouldn’t agree to exchange it, because all the while I thought that only returns and exchanges of the same product would be allowed.


I was so happy when I went to their customer service and requested to exchange the products and they obliged. Simply bring your item to customer service (since mine was from the beauty section, their customer service was located at the 3rd floor of the department store) as well as receipt. Note that product should not have been used yet or is still in good working condition. Product exchange should also be done within 30 days of purchase.


What they’ll do is verify if the product is still in tiptop shape and since the hair straightener was still in SM’s gift wrapping, the customer service staff knew that I was telling the truth that I haven’t used the item. A beauty section staff will come and assist you too. The customer service staff took my receipt, printed out a Customer Replacement paper (can’t remember the correct term) which serves as your ‘replacement money’ and is good as cash. Don’t lose this since this is what you’ll be using to pay for your new item, though you’ll have to pay for the difference if ever your new item is more expensive than the old one. Go to the cashier and pay with the paper given to you. They’ll then have a new receipt to give you which means you can still avail of their free gift wrapping service.


To all fellow Pinoys, please don’t abuse this service and customer right J To SM, thank you for this wonderful, fuss-free customer service. Kudos to you!



What are your thoughts?

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