Going overboard with body washes?


I mentioned before that stocking up on toiletries and cleaning products is an okay idea especially if they are on sale since they take a while before expiring. Since my current body wash is already half empty, I decided to start looking for a new body wash that is cheaper. After a while, I decided on just using good ol’ Johnson and Johnson. I know that the Watson’s brand offers even cheaper alternatives, on Buy1 Take 1 basis, but I am very doubtful about the ‘moisturizing’ component of their products since I feel they are like the generic body washes offered by hotels or our local spa.

 Imagine my happy surprise when I stumbled upon Safeguard’s Buy1,Take1 promo (P145 for 400ml x 2). I first saw the white version of this in SM then when I went back to buy it, it was gone. So I was happy I found these in Rustan’s and not only that, the pink version (floral scent) was also available. As if that wasn’t enough, I also stumbled on these Olay Cucumber and Green Tea body wash, also on Buy1,Take1 promo (P199 for 400ml x 2) in Robinson’s grocery on the same day. Since I always calculate and compare, these would still be economical vs. other brands. If I combine the two brands, that’s only P21.5 per 100ml. Super not bad indeed!


A week after, found these gems too: P104 & P114 on Buy1,Take1 200ml body washes by Olay in Robinson grocery. Note: these were more expensive in SM by P10 🙂




What are your thoughts?

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