Best container for liquid products


Kikay alert!
I really, very much, highly recommend these one-push bottle containers for a no mess, super hassle-free beauty routine! If that opening line doesn’t get you to buy one, I don’t know what will. Haha! I first realized I wanted, nay, needed a one-push bottle was when I would use my toner, which was in the regular bottle, and would often spill it which was so wasteful especially since my then toner came all the way from the US (because clean and clear doesn’t sell it here). I then saw these kinds of bottles in our local nail spa, which they used for their nail polish remover, but they didn’t know where it came from. So off I went to hunt for the one-push bottle.

First saw them at Beabi for a whopping P190 pricetag and I was like, ‘No way, Jose! That much for just one empty bottle?!’ Good thing I’m a cheapskate because when I went to Korea, found one specifically for nail polish removers at the Faceshop.

I still needed at least three more and good thing I visit Daiso often and found they had them. I heart Daiso! During that time, it was the last two! Bought both (P88 each) and went back again and again to Daiso until they restocked and I bought another one. I use them for my two kinds of toner and Bifesta make-up remover. When we recently went to Japan, I bought another one for my ‘provincial’ home for my toner (for only Y100=P43!).


Why am I so passionate about it? Because it’s so hassle free. Instead of using two hands to pour out your toner on a cotton pad, you just use one hand to open the cap, get 2-3 pumps of your favorite toner or what have you, close the cap then apply. It’s mess-free because you don’t spill the product unlike when you pour the toner, hence, you save more. So awesome!

 Bonus product: Got these handy, ballpen sized spray bottles for only P35 at SouthSupermarket instead of at Beabi’s which sells it for twice the price! I should always remind myself to check and compare products from other stores for the best price. #SmartShopper  


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