Kylie Jenner lip kit dupe? And other lippies 


Kikay alert! 

I am not really a fan of Kylie Jenner although I do check out her photos, if only for the make-up and bags. Haha! I won’t necessarily get out of my way to buy her lippies but I will admit she and the rest of her clan have some kind of charisma to people. So imagine my happy accident when I unearthed my lip liners from Etude House and decided to give them a second chance. I gave up on them when they wouldn’t apply on my lips after I put on some lip balm (since the liners are matte and drying).  

 This time around, I used the liner (#1) first then topped it with lip balm to keep drying at bay and to my surprise, it worked! Not only that, in my eyes, it can somehow serve as a dupe for one of Kylie’s lipstick. It’s matte so it’s expected that it won’t be moisturizing but it’s not drying as well. I really, really like the color since it compliments my dark skin. It’s about a P100 in Etude House stores here in the Philippines (no refills unlike in Korea) so technically, it’s not really value for money since it only has a little product in it. Problem is these are just liners and it would be uneconomical to use them for the whole lip. So now I have a new problem to find a lipstick that somehow is the same color as this one.

  I did find the Revlon Matte lipstick #265 (Php575) as somewhat close to the color but this is more on the brick red side.  

 I also tried and bought the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick (Php180) #008 from a seller in a mall. These are also available in There are tons of reviews on this and I tend to agree to most of them – it’s drying, smells kind of like crayon, a bit of a hassle to sharpen it and settles on the lines and cracks of your lips – even after I apply lip balm on top. It can be easily applied but don’t be deceived when you swatch it on your hand since it looks and applies better on the hand than on the lips. Color looks different on the lips too. So weird that somehow, I can’t seem to capture in the photos the real color of my lips, though it looks pretty in the photos. Too bad it’s not as good as I hoped it would be (but then it’s only Php180) since it really emphasizes the lines of your lips. How I wish they were a bit less drying! But the color is really gorgeous & it’s long lasting so I might repurchase, if only for this color.

 Good thing I found another gem of a matte lipstick in the form of Loreal’s Matte Lipstick in Maple Mocha (on sale for P300 instead of P400). These are a dream to apply. It’s so creamy and smooth, has a gorgeous color pay off, is moisturizing (no need for lip balm beforehand), no funky smell and dries off as matte. Super love this! My new favorite, everyday lippie!  

 But I still really want the Etude House liner color so I’ll still be on the lookout for a dupe. Let me know if you have any suggestions! 😀



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