Lowdown on the Best Japanese Make-up Remover Wipes


Kikay alert!

As context, I haven’t tried a lot of make-up remover wipes – only those from Nivea and Pond’s (both of which I don’t recommend) and the Purederm wipes. You can say I am always on the lookout for awesome make-up remover wipes because I use them quite often.

I really like how the Bifesta make-up remover works on me – really clean face! – so I decided to buy their line of make-up remover wipes when I went to Nagoya. To date, I haven’t seen these in the local market which is a shame because I really like them and it really works. I use this every time I go to the gym since it’s very handy and travel-friendly. It comes in two variants and both work fine for me – all of my make-up are gone in just one sheet. The sheet is thick so it doesn’t rip easily and is as big as your regular pop-up tissue. Smells good too.

 A good alternative for the Bifesta make-up remover wipes is another Japanese brand called Softymo which I discovered in Tokyo. This one is just as effective as Bifesta but for a lower price. And it’s 52 pieces! Sulit! I bought the ‘refills’ which works great because it’s resealable, so no need to buy the container. Again, too bad these aren’t readily available in Manila. The sheet is smaller though than the Bifesta one but it still does the job. It feels like simple water because it’s very gentle yet effective. I’m hoarding these when I go back to Japan!  

 Another make-up remover wipe I tried was from Daiso Japan. Imagine how cheap these are (Y108) and yet, they absolutely do the job! As with most ‘cheap’ products, I always fear that they might harm or feel sticky on my face or worse, cause me to break-out or have allergies. But this one is very gentle on the skin. I think when it comes to Japanese products, they are much more cautious about their products, meaning they still ensure the products are not harmful but at the same time, offer it at an affordable price.

I really hope they bring these Japanese brands in Manila since I would definitely be a loyal user of any of the three. Also hope they bring the refillable Bifesta make-up remover, also bought in Japan, so I don’t have to keep on buying the plastic pump bottle or go back and forth to Japan to hoard. =)


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