Singles Talk: Maximizing Your Season 


Victory Ortigas recently had a talk especially geared towards singles with no other than Joseph and Carla Bonifacio as speakers. I was really excited for this because I look up to both of them. I follow both of their blogs – and – because they are amazing writers. They are so full of wisdom, their topics are always relevant and they write in a precise and concise manner. Of course, I usually skip Carla’s posts on baby matters (haha) and even Joseph’s posts specifically for men but even so, usually, I still get to pick up something from those posts.
Once I heard them talk – wow! They were even better in person! I know for a fact and based on experience that most Victory pastors are amazing speakers (probably something to do with their training) but when you combine Carla and Joseph, they make a powerhouse couple. Just like in their blogs, they speak eloquently and straight to the point. Both were hilarious too! They would jab at each other and have quips here and there. Amazing, amazing.

I guess more amazing is their history and how they were able to go through all of their experiences, both good and bad, and turn out as great as they are but only through God’s grace and spirit. It’s amazing how God is working in their life!

Though I have no husband yet, they are one of the couples I hope me and my future man would be like. I know they are not perfect and that I only see a fraction of who they really are but if me and my husband could be even a fraction like them, that would be awesome. Bottom line is I pray I would find a husband who loves God more than he would ever love me and with that, I know everything else will follow. 

But enough about my sentiments. Haha! I was really blessed with their talk which basically has the message that yes, you are single. No, it’s not punishment for your past sins. It’s a season you are in and you should be blessed. Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t be envious. While you wait as a woman, maximize this season – a season to say yes to coffee or late night movies or road trips and flying out and traveling. Yes to doing what you want and building relationships with others. But above all, yes to being used by God and yes to serving Him during this time of singleness! Trust in God’s perfect timing.

After their talk, I was like, “Yes! Thank You Lord I’m single! This is an awesome season to be in! I trust You!”

If you weren’t able to hear their talk, I’d like to share with you some of their points. I know I’m not able to capture the whole essence of their talk but hopefully, these easy-to-understand points would somehow inspire us singles to enjoy and maximize this season we are in.


Maximizing your season: Singles talk


1. God uses seasons (Gen 8:22)- your season is not your fault; it’s in God’s hands; God’s giving you grace of a season; being single is not a punishment

Gift of Celibacy- grace to be single while being single which ends when you are married

You are always in a season 

2. Every season has a purpose (Ecc 3:1; Dan 2:21-m)- dont fight with your season & purpose

It’s foolish & dangerous to ignore the season you are in. 

 How to know what season I am in?

1. What’s your reality?

2. What bears the most fruit?

3. What is God doing in your life?

Even the negative things, God uses. Nothing is an accident in Him, even our mistakes.

1. Do the work of your season. 

2. Don’t envy other people’s seasons. (Psalm 1:3; Gal 6:9)

3. God is doing something in every season. 

Let’s partner with what God is doing in us.


W is for women & waiting

Romance – (Eph 5:22-24)

1. Women are wired to wait. The end goal is marriage.

Dating is a purposeful time in my life to know if God wants to bring us to marriage. 

When we respect God’s design & follow His word, everything else follows.

God’s word is not there to kill your joy, but to protect your joy.

2. Wait…but don’t stop!

You don’t need a man to live an amazing life! 

First woman: Eve

You are not a dependent – someone who can’t live without a man – you are a helper to your man! 

If there is someone who needs to define you, it is only God! 

It’s an amazing season for me! Freedom and productivity! Your ‘yes’ is an amazing gift! 

If you are not happy single, you are not happy married. 

3. Wait for the right one

The Greatest love is Jesus!

Prov 21:1 – God will turn the heart of the man if it’s in God’s desire; it’s all up to His will

Rom 12:2– God’s will is perfect. Wait on the perfect will of God.

Put our trust in Him. I will embrace this season! 


What are your thoughts?

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