Foodie: Katsu Sora, Nuvali


My new favorite Katsu restaurant! Oh my gosh! This restaurant is really good and really sulit for the price! After church at Victory Sta Rosa at Monochrome, we went to Solenad to have some lunch and was craving for some Japanese food. My sister’s first choice was the Ramen shop but it was too hot for soup and I was craving for rice. Good thing Katsu Sora was right beside it so we ended up there – but beware, at 12:45pm, we still had to wait about an hour for a free seat!

The waiting though was well worth it because they offer set meals with unlimited salad and rice. Unlike in Yabu, which is another known Katsu resto which has unli cabbage salad, Katsu Sora has its own salad bar with shredded cabbage, two kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, potato salad, kamote salad, egg salad and even fruits like watermelon, pineapple and naval orange. There were at least 9 different dressings including sesame, wasabi, Japanese and Chinese dressing, thousand island and others I forgot. Salad pa lang, super sulit na!

 Then they have two kinds of rice that are unlimited – Japanese and the 5 grain rice – depending on the meal that you would order. There are also three kinds of rice seasonings available. I forgot their names except for one – Sakura – which was pink!

  Mom ordered one seafood set (Php450), chicken katsu (Php 350) for ate and pork katsu (P550) for me, which has the 5 grain rice. All meals come with free soup of the day.

 They have different types of pork katsu depending on the quality and the lowest is priced at Php350. So imagine if you buy the Php350 set, you already have the all-you can-eat salad and rice! Value for money talaga!  

 Not only that, they also have some sesame seeds on the table which you can grind for yourself, unlike in Yabu that only serves the sesame seeds for the tonkatsu sauce once.

All in all, I absolutely recommend this restaurant. Food is great, great value for money, ambiance is ok for a family and staff are nice and attentive. Just be ready to wait awhile especially during meal times.


What are your thoughts?

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