Landmark is the bomb! (and other Trinoma finds)


Kikay alert!

Me and my friend met up in Trinoma before heading to Joseph and Carla Bonifacio’s Talk in Victory. While waiting for her, I looked around Landmark which always amazes me with their products! They have really cheap yet stylish clothes (as long as you look) but my favorite section is the beauty and accessories section. Sharing here are some of my finds:

1. Donut Nail Cutter/ clipper (Php 39.75)

Super cute. Delighted I found these before buying the generic one. Haha! They also have other colors for the donuts and other designs like cute bears and bows.

2. Roll-on Perfume Bottles and liquid pump/transferring tube (Php29.95 and Php 9.95)

Mom just got back from Egypt and bought a ton of perfume oils. We’ll be transferring them into these bottles for easier usage.

3. Compressed DIY Mask (Php 149.75 for 48 pcs)

Me and my friend are currently going gaga over face masks (post later). Haha! So we shared this pack of compressed masks. Instructions is you put these masks into your favorite beauty liquid or essence and let them absorb the product. Once absorbed, use it as any regular mask. Tip: Use this for the left over products in the face mask pack (which are always a lot!)

4. Eyelash Curler Refill Pads (Php 29.75 for 4pcs)

My sister needed these and though she had to cut a few millimeters off, it worked out well. 

5. L’oreal Matte Lipstick and LA Colors Eyeshadow (Php 300 and P179; both on sale)


Fell in love with the gorgeous shade of this Maple Mocha lippie. Since I’ll be attending a wedding this year, I’m planning on using it with smokey brown eyes, which I need to practice applying (thus, the eyeshadow). This eyeshadow is amazing for the price. Easy to apply, easy to blend and super pigmented. Products stay on for a while too. Not bad for the price.


Walking around Trinoma, chanced upon two finds which I’ve been planning on buying for the longest time:

1. City Color Corrector Stick (Php 220 from Pop Culture)


I’ve been looking for a corrector since my dark undereyes are turning to the worse. Practicing on using this though still need to research more. Haha!

2. Two-sized Sharpener (Php 50.75 on sale from Beauty Bar)

Another sulit find and on sale too from Php150! One sharpener from Nichido is already Php 32 so at least for this one, you have two, different sized sharpeners – one for my eyeliner and the other for the jumbo lip crayon from Kiss Proof. What’s great about this is that it has a cap on top which catches all the shavings. No messy sharpening!

There you have it, I really think that Landmark has so much to offer that other malls don’t have. Good thing that I live far away from them so I won’t be splurging on cute stuff all the time 🙂



What are your thoughts?

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