Review: Johnson’s Leather Conditioner


For the longest time after we used up our Bass leather conditioner, I have wanted to buy a new one but kept on forgetting about it. Finally, after comparing different brands and going to different shops and checking out online sellers, I decided to try Johnson’s Leather Conditioner (P486) bought at the ground floor shoe store in Megamall called Heel Sew Quik (which by the way, I now call ‘heal so quick’ because it’s a brilliant name).

 Upon seeing my Fino wallet, the sales lady actually recommended the Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (about P750 each) since she mentioned that was the brand being used by Fino. But Lexol had a separate conditioner and cleaner and it was more expensive. Since I wanted to save on time and money, I decided to go with Johnson’s which was both a leather cleaner and conditioner. It has a creamy formula and smelled pretty good for a leather conditioner. I had three bags I wanted to try the product on – my two leather bags from Italy and the brown bag from an ukay-ukay.

I wanted to share here a before and after photo of the bags (photo above is the after) but the differences if seen through photos weren’t that obvious even though there was really a difference in ‘real life.’ For starters, my bags looked cleaner and more healthy. Haha! Especially with the brown bag which was already starting to feel hard at the edges, the conditioner really helped in making the edges softer and shinier. It’s not rough anymore as before. Since the brown bag is ‘distressed,’ a bit of the product was absorbed by the leather, unlike the red and orange one which was easily spread throughout the bag. Nonetheless, I find the product to be easily applied with all three bags, just as long as you use a sponge, as suggested by the saleslady.

 I recommend using Johnson’s Leather conditioner because not only does it clean and moisturize, it’s also affordable, readily available in Manila, easy to apply and doesn’t leave a bad smell. 



What are your thoughts?

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