I am never buying full price.. ever again


OK so maybe the title may be a bit too harsh since I’ll be honest, there will always be things, clothes, make-up, toiletries and the like that I will need or want to buy at full price. But it’s a good motto to live by. At least for clothes and accessories and even bath stuff, I’ll try to honor this motto as much as possible. And I’m so happy because my first textile purchase for the year are these very pretty but also useful winter scarves from H&M. Can you believe I only paid P350 for both of these?

 The white with pink tassels scarf, which was the last piece, was only P150 from P1190 (87% sale) while the black and orange scarf was P200 from P899 (78% sale). Amazing deal right? Other awesome deals that I wanted but unfortunately did not have my size are the black, wool-lined ankle winter boots (P200) and two black tights (P100 for both). Since I know in my heart (and in my head) that I will have more winter trips in the future, better to stock up on essentials while they are on a huge discount spree. Comparing with other generic scarves from SM department store or in tiangges which have the same if not more expensive price tags, these are such a steal.  

Considering that these items are useful for me, I do not regret my decision. Haha! Just like what I read in an article before: 98% of items always go on sale so why buy full price?



What are your thoughts?

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