Les Miserables in Manila


As usual, I am again in awe of musical plays. Les Miserables, or Les Mis, is no exception. From the cast to the live orchestra to the set and lights to the acting and singing, everything was brilliant.
Even though I am not a super legit huge fan of Les Mis, and though I don’t easily ‘cry’ with movies and the like, there were moments when I would get teary-eyed with the performances, like during the revolution scene when they sung ‘One Day More’ because if you don’t get teary-eyed in that scene, you’re a cold-hearted alien. Haha! They sing with so much emotion! That also happens to be my favorite song in the whole musical. Part of why I like it, aside from the blending of the different cast in singing it, is because it reminds me that thank goodness there’s no war anymore and that in life in general, we only live day by day. And when we do live and wake up the next day, then that’s one more day to be thankful for.  

 It also kind of saddens me that the love of Marius and Cosette is so rare nowadays. Who can actually say that they would travel through hell and back just to spend a minute with their love? Or would fight through war for a moment with her? Nah. Nowadays it’s just texting and meet-ups while ignoring each other and web surfing and skyping when convenient and just taking advantage of each other, fulfilling each other’s carnal lusts and leaving each other when the going gets tough. But during their time, because of the war and distance and the fact that they had so much to lose, love was something they fought for and cherished.  

 Rachelle Ann Go played Fantine and she was amazing. I’m not being biased since she’s Pinay but she was pretty great. I guess one song I didn’t really ‘feel’ was Eponine’s song, ‘On My Own’ which hel-lo, is one of the most popular musical-based songs. It seemed like she wasn’t feeling the song and there wasn’t much emotion in it. My siblings also felt the same. Other than that, everything was awesome. Love the scene when Javert jumped over the bridge. Galing! They had some illusions at the back that made him seem like he was falling. And the conductor was a woman which is awesome.


If you still can, I highly encourage you to see the musical and join the revolution. If not, then maybe just the movie version of it (but it won’t be as good as the ‘real, live’ thing) =)




What are your thoughts?

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