SM Finds: Parisian summer heels


Super duper elated I chanced upon these SM Parisian chunky-stacked-summer heels. I needed nude heels for a garden wedding I attended so stilletos were out of the question. Wedges were an option but when I saw these nude ones, I knew I found the one & for only P799! Plus the heel height is absolutely perfect – 2.5 inches – which is now my maximum heel height to ensure healthy & comfortable feet! 

It came in black, blue, red and nude. I decided not to buy the black one because I already have my Italian chunky wooden heel. So it was between the bright blue and coral red. Fate had it that the next time I went back to SM, they only had the red in my size. 

Just like with my pointy heels, once I like a shoe style & as long as it’s within budget, I like buying it in more than one color. Now I have 5 heels that I regularly use – all of which are so comfortable I can honestly run in them & even do grocery shopping in (which actually happened). Good job SM! 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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