Battle of the face mists


I am a fan of face mists. Ever since I started using Mario Badescu’s Face mist 3 years ago, I have always had a bottle in my bag. Mario Badescu’s mist is made from rose water and smells divine! I use this when I need some quick freshening up or when it’s a bit hot & I need dehydration. I definitely bring this when traveling! A must have especially during long haul flights! What convinced me that it works was when in more than one occassion, after a couple of sprays on my face, people would tell me my face looked so fresh even after a whole day of work! & this was even when all I did for touch up was use my oil blotting paper & swipe my Human Heart Nature lip balm.

Mario Badescu’s mist is a bit pricey at about P445 for 118ml. Since I am now more finance conscious, I needed to find an alternative. So glad that now, more brands are offering this so more options for us! 

I first tried HHN’s face mist (Php200+ for 50ml). It’ll turn out more expensive than Mario Badescu but I was willing to try it for the ‘all natural’ factor. Unfortunately, I was really, really dismayed about the smell. It was awful! I tried to give it a 2nd & 3rd chance but I still couldn’t stand the smell. The only way I could describe it is that it smelled like wilted roses (sorry HHN!)

So off I went again to find another face mist. Found some at Etude House & Face shop but they were above my budget. Dropped by Nature Republic, a Korean store I don’t usually go to, and discovered their aloe vera face mist. Tried it & instantly liked it! What surprised me was that it only cost about Php275 for 150ml. Super sulit! When I went back to buy it, it was sold out! Had to go back a few times to finally be able to take one home. I recommend this if you’d first like to try a face mist without breaking the bank. I’m sticking with this aloe vera mist until something better comes along 🙂


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  1. super fan din ako ng face mist!! favorite ko ung sa Nature Republic kaso tig-500 un eh,, meron na palang mga mas mura ngayon. thanks for this post! 🙂

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