Humidifiers: The answer to my allergies


I consider myself not sickly as compared to other people – like I don’t really have any illnesses & I’ve only been confined in a hospital once (due to some stomach pains, which I think was because of the isaw I ate then). I don’t even have asthma. But lately, I have developed a severe case of allergic rhinitis. 

I say ‘developed’ because before, I would only sneeze excessively due to early morning coldness or extreme dusty conditions (so no more ukay ukay for me) which I actually used as an instrument to know that our house wasn’t clean. Haha! But now, every time I go to my Laguna home, I sneeze so much (sometimes 6 times in under a minute) which is not only irritating, is also bad for my health and body. My sister thinks I am now allergic to our pets, because I only sneeze this way in Laguna where my pets are. But I love my pets so a pet-free home was not an option for me. I could take medicines but I hate drinking meds until absolutely necessary (gotta take care of Mr. liver!)  

Then, my sister-in-law gifted us with a humidifier. We tried it and in a few minutes, my allergies were gone! We did an experiment and observed that every time we used the humidifier, my sneezing would lessen and eventually completely stop! My sister says there’s medical proof of that since humidifiers produce more “moisture” in the air which aids in breathing. Even if we didn’t put any oil/scent in it, it would still do the trick. But it’s so much better when the room smells good! So every time I go home to Laguna, I make sure to turn this on to keep my allergies away!  

Humidifiers not only make our room smell awesome, it keeps my sneezing at bay too! 


What are your thoughts?

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