Simple pleasures


I consider myself a shallow, simple person. The littlest things make me happy. A good carinderia meal makes me happy, just like any P500 meal. I enjoy scrounging for a P200 jacket, which looks like a million bucks. 

Discounts. Included in my simple joys are stumbling on sulit finds like this Buy 5, Take 5 promo of Face Shop’s face makes (which I missed last time), for P325. Packaging is so cute, noh? The day after I bought this, they were already out of stock! 


Giving gifts. But Not all things I enjoy are found in the mall. I also found these super discounted colorful pill boxes from Novo, this tiny divisoria-like store. I super loved this because not only were they dirt cheap, they are also sturdy, made up of thick plastic. The round pill boxes have 4 compartments while the oblong one has 6 compartments. You can also take out the compartments to make one big container. It definitely looked like something Dimensions or Quirks stores would sell. I loved it so much bought 30 pieces which I plan on giving away this Christmas! ‘Bawal magkasakit‘ is my theme this year. Haha! So happy I got this!

Update: I found the exact same pill boxes at landmark for P90 & P110! Grabe! And to make my point, you know how much I paid for each of those at Novo? P10. Discounted from P35. 😂

Reading. Another simple pleasure I have is reading actual books, and not just ebooks. I like the feel of a book in my hand and the act of turning the pages (dusty pages though make me sneeze). I’m more introvert than extrovert so sometimes when the mood hits me, I read half a book in one night while on other nights, I watch two movies in one sitting or in one weekend, I binge watch a full season of a TV series. Haha! But books will always have a big part of my heart.


Spiritual growth. Lastly and most importantly, above everything and everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy spending some quiet, alone moments reflecting on God’s goodness, studying His word with my VG/Bible study mates & listening to His word. I’m not perfect & I don’t always do the above (sometimes I don’t even feel like doing it) but I consciously fight for my time with God. God knows I cannot survive this life without Him!  Right now, my church (Victory) is talking about the 10 commandments. Hope you can visit us in any of the locations or listen to the podcasts (download the app)! 

How about you? What are your simple pleasures?


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  1. fan din ako ng face masks!! favorite ko yang pomegranate sa face shop hehe at rice masks kahit anong brand. ang swerte mo, super sale!! may nabili ako nung nakaraan sa face shop ung character mask ang cute!! 🙂

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