Tipid Hits: Overruns are love


As I mentioned before, 98% of items always go on sale so why buy full price? That’s one of the reasons I bought these Php50 H&M paisley shorts because a) I need new pambahay shorts and b) it’s so cheap for the quality. So glad I found a pair in my size! Haha! The top pink one which I’ve been using for years? I’m retiring it because every time I wear them then stand up or even lie down, it falls off! No more elasticity! Isn’t that enough reason for me to buy new ones?

 One of the rules me and my sister have in terms of shopping is if we buy something new, an ‘old‘ item should be thrown away, given to someone else or taken out. In this case, I’m reusing my old shorts to become rags. #NoToWaste Shops selling overruns are so precious for me. You get the same quality and design from branded shops but for such a cheaper price!

Tip: when buying textile or clothes, look for those made in Viet Nam, Cambodia or Bangladesh. Usually they have the softest and most durable fabric compared to, say, those made in PRC. 


What are your thoughts?

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