Gustong gumastos


I’ve shared here time and again how much I actually enjoy being “frugal” & thinking of ways on how to save. But sometimes, the “nonsense shopper” bites me & I just want to spend my money. On nothing in particular. Basta makabili ng something. In other words, gusto kong gumastos.

During one night after work (I couldn’t go to the gym due to Aunt Flo), I planned on visiting Glorietta in Makati, since I rarely go around that mall. Once there, I went around & visited the shops i knew couldn’t be found in Mandaluyong. Keeping my eyes open for something nice to buy. I even went to Landmark, hopeful to score some great finds as before but only discovered the expensive pillboxes which I, on the other hand, purchased for dirt cheap price.

On that night though, my only purchase was an authentic Bahn Mi & Chatime milk tea for dinner. 

The next day, still couldn’t go to the gym so I went to this local mall at Mandaluyong. Same ending. Empty hands.

So I decided to go to the grocery store and hurrah! Finally bought something. Well, more like a basket full of junk. Haha!

I swear, underneath all that crap is some semblance of an adult.

Also, the woman behind me in the line bought a box of milk formula, canned goods & other “necessities.” Made me realize how awesome it is to be single & have no family yet because I can buy all the shiz I want & no one can tell me otherwise or make me feel guilty. 

Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to have my own family someday. In God’s time & in His perfect divine plan. But at least for now, it was an oreo and milk kind of supper for me.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this. Haha! 


What are your thoughts?

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